Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities

Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities

The living conditions of the People with disabilities are very difficult, a bit sensitized to this problem society. Unfortunately, these people suffer daily discrimination and social stigma. Factors such as poor access to transport and school facilities, illiteracy, social exclusion, the violence, as well as limitations in the form of communication, the lack of special tutors and support staff, difficulty development in society.

Despite this, these people with difficulties can be embedded in a welcoming and open home and not feel alone, but in the heart of the community and so they could learn that life is always worth living.

Because, We try this activity raise awareness and support for the dignity and welfare of the disabled, through physical rehabilitation sessions, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychomotor and communication, as well as activities and workshops of "self-esteem" and Crafts,

Project duration
  • 2 weeks
Project Location
  • Azrou and towns around (Morocco)
Arrival airport
Activities In the Rehabilitation Project:

  • Individual assessment of all beneficiaries and a report.
  • Communication with the families of the beneficiaries.
  • Programming and development activities that include physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychomotor, workshops "self-esteem", Crafts, communication.

During the stay in the Association:

  • During the project development, internal activities will be conducted by and for volunteers, encouraging participation and exchange of experiences.
  • Volunteers will be responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the common areas of the housing, during his stay with the association.
  • Volunteers will receive prior training Online, by coordination, that will help in the development of its activities in Azrou.
  • Volunteers will receive prior training by Presencial coordination.
Work hours
  • 4 hours a day
Number of places available
  • 8 Volunteers / as each turn of the Rehabilitation and Integration Project
Ongoing project
  • Of 22/06/2019 al 06/07/2019
  • Of 06/07/2019 al 20/07/2019
  • Of 20/07/2019 al 03/08/2019
  • Of 17/08/2019 al 31/08/2019
General Requirements
  • Minimum Age 18 years
  • Intermediate level of one of these languages: español, French or English
  • Creative and eager to work
  • Children love and patience to work with them
Specific Requirements
  • professionals, students or graduates in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech Therapy, Chiropody, Social education, Psychology, odontology. and anyone else with medical expertise which enable the development of activities of this project.
Cost of Participation
  • The participation fee is: 260 euros
  • You'll sleep and with other volunteers in a school or beds equipped with mattresses and cushions or a house, but you have to bring your sheets at home.
  • 3 meals cooked by a Moroccan woman.
  • *Policies on food (for instance, Allergies) should consult with the Coordination.
Materials required
  • This includes tools that we need in the projects.
  • There may be limitations in the available material, so that, sometimes, You can request the specific material volunteers for the proper development of activities.
Classes Arabic
(optional activity)
  • We offer 4 hours / week of Arabic classes.
  • Pick up at the train station of Fez, the day of the beginning of the project.
  • Pick up at the accommodation Azrou, the day of completion of his term in the project.
Hamam and traditional rites
(optional activity)
  • The so-called Turkish bath or steam.
Administrative costs
  • Certificate Voluntary Action in Morocco (At the request of interested).
  • Administrative telephone calls.
Coordination costs
  • Coordination and assistance in the development of the program.
  • Preparation of the areas of accommodation and food.
What is not included?
  • International air flights.
Obligatory insurance
  • Travel insurance.
  • Since Happiness Without Borders, Y without exist any kind from relationship between
    both sides, IATI recomendamos insurances (,
    very used by Travellers in all he world.
optional excursions
  • Desert Excursion: 80 euros. This price includes transportation, hotel and meals (price, breakfast 2 noon meals).
  • Local tour (Output cedar forests and monkeys): 15 euros.
Shopping Personal and other expenses not included
  • clothing, meals outside the program, gifts, memorabilia and other costs that are not reflected in paragraph "What's the cost?".

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