Volunteering in summer

Language teaching
Language Teaching:
el program teaching English and French focuses on some very poor schools. The beneficiaries are descended from a family of limited financial resources do not allow them private lessons, and its level is too bajo.Actualmente schools have one teacher in this area for all levels of study, for that reason the collaboration of volunteers in educational issues is important. Read more "
Playful Children Recreational Activities: is a program for children of low-income, who they are unable to travel or recreation facilities. So we try to encourage them, and push their main creatividades.El objective of these activities is achieved through the development and encouragement of psychosocial abilities of children to encourage their future participation in contexts interculturales.En activities with children, Our idea has always been to create and maintain an atmosphere in which the child understands that you can live with other human beings, or small adults, equal or different one, peacefully. Read more"
Painting and Decorating: la painting and decorating business focus in primary schools or in a Youth House. The essential objective of this activity is to create a childlike spirit in classrooms by decorating the classroom with pretty pictures of child character education. During this activity, volunteers have to let your imagination and talent to create his works by hand and make beautiful designs. Read more "

29Rehabilitation activities for people with disabilities: With this activity we try to raise awareness and support for the dignity and welfare of the disabled, through a series of activities and workshops of "self-esteem", Crafts, physical rehabilitation, psychomotor ...Read more "

Solidarity initiatives: This initiative is not only to inform and sensitize, but to offer the tools to actively you participate and, although you may believe that no, your support can make a difference for millions of people. Read more "
Holiday charity projects: Happiness Without Borders association offers participants the opportunity to help others while visiting new places and know a different culture through a series of activities in the year-end holidays and Easter. Read more "

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