Scout volunteer – Scout Camps

  • Collection of participants
  • Explanation of the project; construction of two classrooms of public school Wad Adahab (Rio del Oro)
  • Meeting and inauguration of the project
  • Project to build a public school
  • Arrival of the La Rioja
  • Collection of participants
  • soiree
  • Moroccan tea
  • Project to build a public school
  • Space painting and decorating public school Wad Adahab (Rio del Oro).
  • Project to build a public school Wad Adahab (Rio del Oro).
  • Space painting and decorating public school Wad Adahab (Rio del Oro).
  • local excursions
  • First aid equipment
  • Workshop with the village children of Asrir

Happiness Without Borders Association in collaboration with the Moroccan Organization Scout Volunteer Program organized a Scout with a social and cultural approach.

We are aware of the great importance of Scouting as a movement for the development of society, since it is an educational process of change, based on collective action that leads to a better quality of social life and cultural.

The experience of past years with the scouts gave interesting results and positive, Such results: School construction Asrir, improving youth hostel in the Blue Errachidia source and restoration of camp Toumlilin, since this year have started to get him out hundreds of children in Morocco.

Based on these positive experiences, next year our social project is to improve the social life of local villagers Ait Aissa, our activities will be group favoring the relationship between us and them, thus avoiding isolation and marginalization lived in this town. Ait Aissa is a small, poor town, inhabited by Berber population, It is located 12 km the Timhdit. The main source of income for the local population is grazing. The age of beneficiaries between 5 Y 18 years.

We also believe that this volunteer program is an opportunity to create bonds of friendship between the scouts groups from different countries and regions.

Project duration
  • 2 weeks
Project Location
  • Azrou, Province of Ifrane (Morocco)
Arrival airport
Activities In the Project recreational activities - recreation with children:

  • Volunteers have the work, create a children's playground, the preparation and development of activities with children, including gymkhanas and crafts workshops that meet your needs.
  • Discover the different skills of children through the use of visual arts, like music, Dance and theater, relating them to their social environment, promoting the success of our children in community development.
  • Painting and decorating the local headquarters of the activities of the Association.
  • Discussions on Scouting.
  • Excursions to discover the area.

During the stay in the Association:

  • During the development volunteer program, internal activities will be conducted by and for volunteers, encouraging participation and exchange of experiences.
  • Volunteers will be responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the common areas of the housing, during his stay with the association.
  • Volunteers will receive prior training Online, by coordination, that will help in the development of its activities in Azrou.
Hours of activities
  • 4 hours a day
Number of places available
  • 30 Participants in each turn of volunteer programs.
Dates and shifts:
  • A- Of 29/06/2019 al 13/07 / 2019B- Of 13/07/2019 al 27/07/2019

    C- Of 27/07/2019 al 10/08/2019

    D- Of 17/08/2019 al 31/08/2019

General Requirements
  • Minimum Age 18 years ( if you have 17 years, you must travel with responsibility for patrolling and signed by your parents).
  • Intermediate level of one of these languages: español, Portuguese, French or English.
  • Creative and eager to work
  • Children love and patience to work with them
Specific Requirements
  • Ser scout. Belong to a group or association scout.
Cost of Participation
  • The cost of participation is 260 euros
  • You'll sleep and with other volunteers in a school or home equipped with mattresses and cushions, but you have to bring your sheets.
  • 3 meals cooked by a Moroccan woman.
  • *Policies on food (for instance, Allergies) They should discuss coordination on voluntary details.
Materials required
  • This includes tools that we need in the projects.
  • There may be limitations in the available material, so that, sometimes, You can request the specific material volunteers for the proper development of planned activities.
Arabic classes
(optional activity)
  • We offer 4 hours / week of Arabic classes.
  • Pick up at the train station of Fez, the day of the beginning of his period of participation, and transfer to your accommodation in Azrou.
  • Pick up at the accommodation Azrou, the day of completion of his term in the project and transfer to Fez airport.
Hammam and traditional rites
(optional activity)
  • The so-called Turkish bath or steam.
Administrative costs
  • Voluntary action certificate in Morocco (at his request)
    Administrative telephone calls.
Coordination costs
  • Coordination and assistance in the development of the program.
  • Preparation of the areas of accommodation and food.
What is not included?
  • International air flights
Obligatory insurance
  • Travel insurance.
  • Since Happiness Without Borders, Y without exist any kind from relationship between
    both sides, IATI recomendamos insurances (,
    very used by Travellers in all he world.
(optional activity)
  • Desert Excursion: 80 euros. This price includes transportation, hotel and meals (price, breakfast 2 noon meals).
  • Local tour (Output cedar forests and monkeys): 15 euros.
Shopping Personal and other expenses not included
  • clothing, meals outside the program, gifts, memorabilia and other costs that are not reflected in paragraph "What's the cost?".

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