Finished Projects

Short Term Projects in Azrou (2015)

During the summer of 2015 (16 July – 31 August), the Happiness Without Borders Association, He has developed four Short Term Projects in the city of Azrou with the participation of 72 volunteers (divided into three shifts of participation) Y 5 Coordinators, in addition to continued collaboration Local people.

In the four projects (Recreational activities Recreational; Language Teaching; Painting and Decorating; Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities), and during the three shifts of volunteer participation (16 – 30 July; 1 – 15 August; 17 – 31 August), They were able to execute the ideas and activities prepared for beneficiaries.

To summarize the show number of volunteers participants in each project:

  • Playful Children Recreational Activities: 31 volunteers.11878991_960701580618753_8376874954476202837_o
  • Language Teaching: 11 volunteers.
  • Painting and Decorating: 11 volunteers.
  • Rehabilitation and Integration: 19 volunteers.

He number of beneficiaries Time varied development project recording the next participation:

  • Playful Children Recreational Activities: 15 – 25 Beneficiaries of the project at every turn.
  • Language Teaching: 15 – 25 Beneficiaries of the project at every turn.
  • Painting and Decorating: (not conducted direct work with beneficiaries).
  • Rehabilitation and Integration: 25 – 30 Beneficiaries of the project at every turn.

In preparing Short Term Projects, volunteers received ongoing counseling including a period of Previous Training Online, including inter alia, The following sections:

  • Training Module I: Intercultural through volunteering.
  • Training Module II: Communication and Teamwork.
  • Reading Volunteer Handbook.

Much work was done on d11872163_952669284755316_3587262008467475408_oand promotion and dissemination, which it resulted in a growth in social networks (Facebook), getting better publicize the work of the association through photos and daily publications we do during projects.

Highlight also, the first steps we have taken to the creation of a Long-term project for rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities, to be held next year 2016, and which will be coordinated by voluntary participants in 2015.

Combining social Action and fun volunteers, in an environment of learning and self-discovery, guarantee a great experience. A new way to see the world, sharing, to contribute our bit to change.




The projects we helped to create a meeting point, through which volunteers learned about the people of Azrou, their hospitality and gratitude. Definitely, volunteers were responsible for this experience was so enriching.


Short Term Projects in Azrou (2012)

In this summer, the Happiness Without Borders Association It has organized volunteer projects for international work in many parts of geographical Moroccan , in collaboration with the delegation of the ministry of youth and sports, the ministry of education in the Regiópro_finalizadosn the Middle Atlas, and with the participation of 48 Volunteers from various countries, most are from Spain, They have also participated other civil society organizations collaborating in the development of the programs implemented by the association, as for example: the association of disabled people in the region Azrou, the Art Association and youth television, the national organization of oral hygiene, he Educational and social center of Azrou, the subsidiary Moroccan scout organization in the region of Errachidia and the French association of young modern art "the caverne". Among the achievements in labor camps, is the organization of activities of strategic development with emphasis on the welfare of children, This goal has been achieved through various projects.


For children manage to develop their cognitive abilities, not enough to have schools with adequate infrastructure, but it also needs the joint efforts of three key players in the development of children: teachers, parents and volunteers. On this premise, This project developed by the Government Association No Happiness Without Borders, It has aimed to ensure that children with learning disabilities receive the necessary help, customized if necessary, to overcome the delay that live in schools and have a full school development and improve cognitive development, physical and emotional development of children and increase school attendance of children in rural areas. During this period, the project has benefited over 100 children in primary and secondary education with learning disabilities.

This project, It represented in educational activities for children beneficiaries, it is quite clear that education and play, fundamental right of children and adolescents ", so, you just need the will and take the initiative to feel the affection of small, you only need to participate in recreational activities for children for attention eager to learn and play with volunteers. Activities with children, every day we get 50 boys and girls 5 a 9 years, for two hours living a better life, more solidarity, more harmonious, in a warm and safe place for children to walk the streets and live in households complicated.
PROJECT Painting and Decoratingpintura_fin

If you ask children what her favorite place, surely they describe a space full of colors, to participate in group games. A place where they can laugh, feel free, color, and create, This project has been run by the volunteers of the association, since these are the activities that nourish every day. In this project, the idea has always been to create and maintain an atmosphere in which the child understands that it can coexist with other humans, or small adults, equal or different one, peacefully.

The overall project achieved a rapprochement between local governments and civil society to work for children.