Virtual call for volunteerism

Let the distance and time are not an excuse! If you have computer and internet, You can also volunteering and apply your knowledge and skills. From Happiness Without Borders Association we certify your collaboration as voluntary action so you give added value to your CV.

You do not have much time but would like to do something for others? Perhaps virtual volunteering can be an interesting option for you.

The program Virtual volunteering available and anyone can get involved to begin contributing positively to society.

We encourage you to be part of our community, it is time to actively contribute to people who need it and leave a mark on humanity with our skills.

What is virtual volunteering?

The virtual volunteering program's main objective is to generate a global ecosystem of service with positive impact on the lives of people in need within the community of the beneficiaries of the projects of Happiness Without Borders Association in Morocco.

This form facilitates flexibility volunteer time and no travel to assist and provide any activity.

In addition, It seeks to unite people for a common cause for peace and development of disadvantaged communities.

Who can participate

Persons of any nationality can be part of this program and begin to contribute their skills.

We all have something to teach and at the same time we learn. It is a cycle of giving and receiving and volunteers manage to feel.

In what areas you can help

There are multiple fields of action in which you can get involved and contribute with your knowledge.

- Translate services.

- Fundraising

- IT development

- Awareness and Promotion

- Training and preparation

- Art and Design

- Writing and Editing

- Event organization

You can register at any time to start actively contribute to the projects available within the platform of Happiness Without Borders Association.

If you want to help distance, Please fill out this questionnaire with your details and soon we contact you.