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International Volunteer Day

Every day thousands of people volunteer, to-face mode u Online, to contribute to peace and development of marginalized societies. Volunteering enables individuals and communities to participate in their own growth. Thanks to collective action, citizens develop a sense of responsibility for their environment.

In addition, Volunteering has a significant positive effect, both personal and professional. Brings people together despite cultural differences and language, inspires others and drives the transformations required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, among them the number 16, which aims to promote fair societies, peaceful and inclusive, and that these entrenched in communities.

This time, 5 from December, International Volunteer Day, It is a special day to recognize the valuable international and local experience that takes place in different parts of the world thanks to the volunteers and their role in promoting cultural exchange and make its experience available to both public institutions and fragile communities.

From Happiness Without Borders Association express our appreciation to the solidarity of volunteers who respond to our calls in times of need, contributing to the development of volunteer programs and supporting those who want to live with dignity. Like they do with others, we support them and applaud their spirit of global citizenship and determination to create a better world.

Happy International Volunteer Day, And every day, Thanks to all our volunteers! Thirst always happy! ¡BE BIG!

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This week have served a total of 43 Children center users. Such care consisted of a podiatric assessment and nursing.

From this assessment, They have detected various health problems untreated and will attempt to resolve in subsequent consultations, according to a list of priority treatment. This list has been established according to the severity of the problem and the need for care.

In addition, there have been two visits to the hospital in Azrou. The first visit took a character mostly administrative, and in the second we were able to visit the operating rooms, the sterilization and resuscitation rooms and radiology area. This has allowed us to have a first contact with the equipment with which account the new hospital and estimate the material would need to bring to Spain should perform surgeries.

Thursday held a session on 'literature search scientifically valid' in which staff participated Center.

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  • During this week, in the field of podiatry, Biomechanical examinations have been performed and data collection to numerous students from school (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Specific, from 19 pacientes.También, We have carried out a modification of templates patients of the Center for People with disabilities, It has made a digital silicone to a teenager 17 years with cerebral palsy, and we have also undergone physical therapy two patients. As well, molds have been taken for the future realization of templates, to a patient 6 years up adducted.

    On Friday, work has focused on meeting with principals and department heads Hospital Azrou. It has been proposed to put a cooperation agreement in place between the Hospital 20 Azrou August and Happiness Without Borders Association, with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge between Moroccan and foreign professionals.

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