Frequent questions


1. What programs does running Happiness Without Borders Association?

Actually, Happiness Without Borders has planned the following projects:

Volunteer program volunteer Continued


Solidarity christmas Week



Of short duration (Summer 2019)

Scout volunteer

(Summer 2019)

Participation Dates Of 10 September 25 from December.

Of 5 January to 13 of April.

Of 27 April to 15 of June.

Of 25 from December (2018) al 5 from January (2019). From 19/01/2019 a 26/01/2019

From 13/04/2019 a 19/04/2019

From 19/04/2019 a 27/04/2019

From 03/08/2019 a 10/08/2019 (summer)

A- Of 22/06/2019 al 06/07/2019

B- Of 06/07/2019 al 20/07/2019

C- Of 20/07/2019 al 03/08/2019

E- Of 17/08/2019 al 31/08/2019

A- Of 29/06/2019 al 13/07/2019

B- Of 13/07/2019 al 27/07/2019

C- Of 27/07/2019 al 10/08/2019

D- Of 17/08/2019 al 31/08/2019

Projects or program activities

Evaluation and treatment to people with disabilities (mostly children).

Adaptations and home visits.

Basic training sessions to families and / or caregivers of program beneficiaries.

Open days with local professionals to exchange experiences.

Excursions and outings with program beneficiaries / recreational activities for integration.

Activities with children

Health volunteer

Decor Center disabled.

Activities with children

Health volunteer

Decor Center disabled.

Activities with children

Language teaching

Health volunteer

Decor Center disabled.

Construction of a nursery for children Ait Aissa village.

recreational activities - recreation with the village children.

Place of execution Azrou / Province of Ifrane Azrou / Province of Ifrane Azrou / Province of Ifrane Azrou / Province of Ifrane Azrou / Province of Ifrane
Program Fee 160 euros / week 210 euros 160 euros 260 euros 260 euros


Open all year term Open the deadline

20 December 2018

Open the deadline

17 March 2019

Open the deadline

29 April 2019

Open the deadline

29 April 2019

2. Which project is the most suitable for my?

To know which project is best for each of us, we must ask the following questions:

  • What kind of activities I like to develop during my volunteer experience?
  • What knowledge and experiences I?
  • How long can I invest in a volunteer project?

If you are a dynamic person, creative and like to organize games and outdoor activities can be your ideal projects: "Playful Children Recreational Activities" Y "Semana sociocultural most Azrou".

If you are a creative person who likes drawing, painting and decorating, your ideal project can be: "Painting and Decorating Schools".

If you are a person with skill in languages ​​and eager to teach, your ideal project can be: "Language Teaching".

If you are a person with experience in the field of disability and social integration, your ideals projects can be: "Rehabilitation and Integration of Persons with Disabilities" Y "Volunteer Continued Sociosanitario".

If you have experience in scouting or belong to an organization of Scouting, your ideal project can be: "Scout volunteer".

  • At Volunteer Short Term, volunteers participate during 2 weeks.
  • In Solidary Christmas volunteering, is a program lasting ten days.
  • In the Socio-Cultural Week (Semana Santa), volunteers participate for a week.
  • At Continued Volunteering Socio-Health, Volunteers can extend their stay from a minimum of 3 weeks.

3. What are the Volunteer Programs Short Term?

Happiness Without Borders Association organizes Volunteer Programs Short Term during the summer (July and August), where volunteers can live a different experience in Morocco, learning in a context of international social action and sharing space and concerns with other people. This means, that the work done by volunteers is punctual, with a given population, but it definitely has a positive effect, both beneficiaries and the volunteers themselves.

For many volunteers, participation in Volunteer Programs Short Term, pose a Solidarity Holidays in which they invest their time to develop activities in a social setting, while new world realities are discovered, in a short period of time.

For more information on Project Volunteer Program Short Term see the following links:

4. What is the profile of volunteers participating in the projects of short duration?

The short-term projects are aimed at all those, who are interested in Morocco, within a framework of social Action, helping the development of the local population. It is an ideal opportunity for those who want started in volunteer actions and seeking a meeting point for sharing experiences and concerns with others. It is a short action time, but surely, It has a great effect and positive impact on volunteers.

The general profile of volunteers participating in the projects of short duration, students and workers are often in holiday period. In the project information, you can consult the general and specific requirements for participation.

The stay of volunteers participating in the projects of short duration, It is 2 weeks, time in which share common space with other volunteers from other projects developed.

5. What is the profile of the beneficiaries in the short-term projects?

The profile of project beneficiaries Short Term, It is very variant, depending on the type of project developed. For example, Recreational Projects in Playgroup and Language Teaching, beneficiaries have around 6 - 18 years. For the Rehabilitation and Integration Project, beneficiaries are between 1 - 25 years.

Social differences can be observed among beneficiaries, but in any case these differences pose an obstacle to the development of project activities.

6. What is the Volunteer Continued Socio-health?

Happiness Without Borders Association began this volunteer program in January 2016, this volunteer program has a lasting character because of the nature of the activities developed with beneficiaries (more information here), or even this program is called Volunteer Continued Socio-health, whose activities are carried out at the headquarters of the Association "Provincial Complex Handicap People Situation" (Azrou, Morocco). This program whatever with the support and participation of volunteers throughout the year.

We serve children through rehabilitation sessions; physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive stimulation, Speech communication, etc. In addition, We organize play activities with beneficiaries, activities aimed at training local personnel and provide more information to parents on their children's needs.

7. What is the profile of the volunteers participating in the Voluntary Continued Socio-health?

Volunteers participating in the long-term project, shall have a particular professional profile for rehabilitation and integration of persons with disabilities. We sought professional physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social education, psychology, speech therapy, medicine, dentistry and podiatry, as well as any other professional related to the health sector. In this program, We invite students to participate in these professional branches.


1. Who can volunteer projects?

All persons having 18 years at least, with sufficient knowledge of French, Spanish or English. We are also very interested in the participation of students who have a need to provide a social service, complementing their academic training, they are very motivated and creative.

You can see the general and specific requirements for participation in each of the projects under implementation.

To volunteer Happiness Without Borders Association, you must first spend Selection process, performed by members of the coordination.

2. What is the selection process of volunteers?

All persons interested in participating in projects of Happiness Association Sin Fronteras go through a selection process by the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders. The selection process is divided into the following steps:

  • 1No. Refill Form pre-registration.
    • After submitting the form, you will receive an email with the following steps in your pre-registration.
  • 2No. Refill personal questionnaire online.
    • The duration of this questionnaire is 20 minutes approximately.
    • After sending this questionnaire, coordination will make an assessment of your application.
    • In 7 - 14 days you receive a response to your pre-registration by coordination.
  • 3º SHIPPING Acceptance instruments.
    • If you receive a positive assessment by the coordination, we'll send these documents: Letter of acceptance into the program and conditions of participation.
  • Booking Confirmation Square
    • Confirmation of volunteer sign formalized with the conditions of participation and make payment to 50% share the selected program.
    • Once all documentation is delivered in the period indicated, your registration is confirmed in the selected program.

When your registration remains to be formalized and voluntary Happiness Without Borders, members will begin coordinating advice for preparing your trip to Morocco.

3. How long does it take to respond to my request for pre-registration?

Each pre-registration must be assessed by several members of the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders and sometimes there are many requests we receive, so the answer to your request may take several weeks, depending on the number of requests that have. Coming up next, we show the indicative time it takes to respond to a request for pre-registration:

  • Response web Registration Form: 1 - 4 days.
  • Online questionnaire response personnel: 7 - 14 days.

The assessment is made on the basis of the candidate's profile, as well as the specific needs of each project. There are many applications we receive, so the response to the request for pre-registration may take some weeks. For any questions about the selection process, You can contact the Association via the following email:

4. Can I go with a group of friends?

From Happiness Without Borders Association encourage all people, wanting venturing alone to live an experience like this, because in this way they can enrich themselves and meet lots of new people.

Even so, groups of friends who want to live this experience together can also be accepted within ongoing projects, but this will make a preliminary assessment by the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders. Accept large groups of friends, could alter the dynamics of the group of volunteers, so it is a condition to be considered during the assessment of pre-registrations.


1. Why pay for a volunteer?

Actually, Happiness Without Borders Association It does not have any funding, either a public or private entity, so that the budget for development projects is obtained directly from the fees pre-registration of participants, this way you can sustain your expenses.

The preparation, the development and monitoring of the projects of the Association have a high financial cost, Coordination derivative, accommodation, meals, preparing activities, transport, materials, insurance, facilities, advertising, administrative procedures, etc.

In our Association, the fee to maintain volunteer programs:

  • Meals and lodging.
  • Hiring a cook.
  • Sometimes, Hiring a caretaker accommodation volunteers.
  • Purchase of materials needed for housing.
  • Purchase of materials needed for projects.
  • Insurance coordination staff.
  • Transportation coordination staff.
  • Costs of coordination and assistance in the development of the program.
  • Pick-up of volunteers in Fez and transfer to Azrou.
  • Transfer from Fez to Azrou once finished volunteering.
  • Arabic classes and traditional hamam.
  • Administrative costs.
  • Promotion and dissemination projects.

In addition, with a share of volunteers in Short Term Projects, the Association may finance their activities during the year (collecting clothes for the needy, shipping aid from Spain and France, preparation and dissemination of future projects).

2. What is the percentage share of volunteers?

Actually, share participation of volunteers is as follows:

  • christmas solidarity (1 week): 210 €
  • Week Socio-cultural Azrou (1 week): 160€
  • Short Term Projects (2 weeks): 260
  • Continued Socio-health project (minimum 3 weeks): 160€ / week.
  • International Volunteer Field Scout (2 weeks): 260

3. How do I pay the participation fee?

When you have received a positive assessment by the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders, they will send the Acceptance instruments, in which you indicate the steps to enter the participation fee.

We remind you that your place to formalize volunteering, you must enter 100% of the participation fee before the deadline set, but your seat will be released to another person on the waiting list. To enter the 100% you will be given the instructions and the deadline for doing so.

IMPORTANT: when filling out the pre-registration form, Please read the conditions and terms of our volunteer programs.

4. What other fees may I volunteer?

Other costs not covered by the pre-registration fee are as follows:

  • International Flights.
    • approximately one-way flight / return Madrid - Fez in summer: 30 - 130€
  • Mandatory travel insurance. Since Happiness Without Borders, Y without exist any kind from relationship between
    both sides, IATI recomendamos insurances (,
    very used by Travellers in all he world.
  • Leisure and cultural activities and excursions scheduled (optional activities).
    • Desert tour Merzouga (2 days): 80€
    • Local trip to Cedar Forest and Ifrane: 15€
  • Personal purchases and any personal expenses not included in paragraph "What's the cost?".

*Shares excursions continued Socio-Health project vary depending on the number of participants.


1. What it gives me happiness without Borders volunteer?

Happiness Without Borders Association, It offers everyone the possibility of voluntary initiated a voluntary program of social action in an international framework. The stay in Morocco, It is a great opportunity for personal growth and development, sharing new experiences with a group of people, where there will be an atmosphere of fellowship and solidarity.

In addition, the Association offers its volunteers:

  • Advice on planning the trip to Morocco.
  • Participation in a group of Facebook or Whatsapp, where you'll meet the rest of your classmates.
  • Help and support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and specialized.
  • Information documents on future experience in Morocco.
  • Online preforming volunteers.
  • Shirt and Volunteer Handbook.
  • Monitoring and coordination during the development of your experience.
  • Voluntary action certification purposes appropriate.

Once the volunteers complete their stay in the Association, They are offered the opportunity to be part of the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders, development of new projects.

2. What information do I get the Association before my arrival to the project?

Throughout the selection process of volunteers, and once you have formalized your place as a volunteer, the Association will give advice on preparing your trip, Work out and all doubts you may arise regarding your volunteer program.

In the briefing papers handed to volunteers so prior to his arrival in Azrou, It is included:

  • Information on the organization of the trip to Morocco (arrival to the meeting point).
  • Document information, travel insurance and vaccination.
  • Information on facilities and accommodation.
  • Information about house rules.
  • Information on activities to develop and beneficiaries.
  • Information on Morocco, your culture, traditions and life.

In addition, Volunteers should fill in the form of voluntary, which they indicate the itinerary that will continue until the collection point in Fez.

3. What is preforming Online volunteers?

From Happiness Without Borders Association, We provide all volunteers with Previous Training Online, that will help in terms of personal and professional view, not only for the realization of projects, but in later life. The objectives of this training are:

  • Train volunteers on teamwork and communication.
  • Train volunteers in social action and social projects.
  • Train volunteers in intercultural relations.
  • Train volunteers on personal initiative and proactivity.

For that, a few weeks in advance, It will be given to a number of volunteers documents and interactive activities, to be performed so Online in the period established by the coordination.

4. What is the Volunteer Handbook?

He Volunteer Handbook It is a document prepared by the Coordination of Happiness Without Borders and former volunteers of the Association, that they are given to the volunteers once they reach Azrou and in which a series of collected guidelines and agreements necessary for the proper development of projects and the use of volunteer experience.

Online training during pre volunteers, This document is also delivered in an interactive format.

5. What I need to bring volunteer?

Once you have confirmed your place as a volunteer, they will send a series of documents in which you will find detailed information about the necessary equipment for your stay in Morocco. Among these materials are:

  • Summer clothes
  • Warmer clothes (in winter)
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • Walking shoes (Trekking)
  • Cap
  • Flips flops
  • Towel
  • Bed sheets
  • Sunglasses
  • Reading book


1. Will I be picked up at the airport upon arrival?

For short-term projects, Because volunteers come from different places to Morocco, the collection will be in the Fez Train Station, the day of the beginning of the project, later to be transferred by bus or car up to the Association Azrou.

Once you have confirmed your participation in the program chosen, we will send you additional information, along with volunteer details, where you can tell your itinerary to reach the railway station of Fez.

We reserve bus tickets for those who confirm they reach the day indicated Fez. But if you do not arrive on that day, we will send you the information and directions necessary to meet in Azrou.

If you are unsure about which route to follow to reach Fez, We can advise previously, both buying international flights, and train paths and / or bus in Morocco.

Volunteers for Project Partners-anitario Continued, the collection is also the day of entry into the project at the airport in Fez- Saiss. Likewise, we can talk about collecting another point with the voluntary.

2. How to get to Azrou from Fez?

Volunteers you to do so, They will be collected in the Fez Train Station, the day of the beginning of each project, to be taken by bus to Azrou.

But nevertheless, volunteers who decide to get to Azrou on their own can use other means of transport:

  • Grand Taxi: The Grand Taxi takes about 1 hour to get to Azrou.
  • Bus: Buses take two hours to get to Azrou. There are 5 frequencies day. Web de la CTM.

Once you have confirmed your entry with the Association, you can receive information on transport in Morocco.

3. What is the planning of the first days?

The first day, After the meeting with volunteers and transfer to the place of program development, a number of recreational activities that allow to be made voluntary join the group, and meet his new teammates. A set of guidelines and tips on how to move will also give the city, where to find important places, and remember responsibilities and agreements volunteer in the Association.

the second day, they know the facilities where projects will be developed and they begin to prepare activities for projects. In addition, during the first days will take place several playful activities between volunteers, as can be:

  • Presentation activities
  • Group meetings
  • Games around the city

Volunteers will receive during the previous training Online schedule of activities while staying with the Association, where you can see what the daily organization.

4. How to enjoy your volunteering?

Venturing to live an experience in a new country can make you feel nervous. The nerves quickly disappear when you meet friendly and attentive people from day to your project.

Mainly on the first day, relax and enjoy, Coordinators will accompany and can integrate into the group of volunteers. In a few days you'll get settled in your work and bring new ideas, according to your own creativity.

Happiness Without Borders hopes that your experience is not only comfortable but enjoy your volunteering. It is a unique experience, a opportunity to develop personally, to contribute our bit and spend time with great people.

Before deciding on a program, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What I want to learn?
  • How I want to help?
  • How I can use my skills and my passion in programs provided by the Association?
  • Am I interested in learning or improving another language?

When you thought these answers, choose the program that interests you and fits your profile, and fill out the form to request your place volunteer.

5. What are the lodging facilities?

Happiness Without Borders Association It has rented accommodation throughout the year in Azrou, but it is not enough for the volunteers number, so every year should volunteer summer, by which rents space to other suitable number of volunteers participating in projects. This space can be a house or a school that will be adapted for the stay of the volunteers.

The facilities meet certain requirements, to provide the necessary facilities to the volunteers. During the previous online training volunteers, They will be given more information on the lodging facilities.

6. How is the kitchen and the food in Morocco?

The food will be in the field of work for volunteers is cooked by a Moroccan woman. As far as possible, the food will suit Western-style, but traditional Moroccan dishes are also cooked.

Moroccan cuisine is usually simple and easy to cook, their most common main ingredients are usually: Couscous, vegetables, meat, seafood. All eat from a bowl, instead of using cutlery, bread and hands used. Along with the tagine, Small dishes are served with salad and fruit.

When you doubt what dish eating, Always near you. One of the most consumed beverage in Morocco is tea, which will come to take up a 6 times a day. If we offer a cup of tea, we should not reject, It would be seen as bad taste.

7. How I can communicate with my family and friends?

Sometimes, the housing in which volunteers will, It has no wireless. Wherever possible, a router to which volunteers have Wifi connection during your stay will be installed. Even so, in the city Internet cafes are very common and many of them have DSL or ADSL fast connection. The price of 1/2 Internet time are only 2 DH.

Volunteers will go to Internet cafes in moments of leisure.

8. How I can change money?

The change was the arrival airport you can get more profitable. We recommend making the change in exchange offices and banks that are outside the airport. Most Azrou, There are banks and different agencies to make change.

9. Can I extend my stay with the Association when the project in which I participate finished?

Once the official work period ended with the Association, volunteers can not extend their stay. But nevertheless, from Happiness Without Borders, We can advise all volunteers in finding accommodation and / or transport in other cities in Morocco. Unless the extension of stay corresponds to the same period of the completed project.


1. I heard on the news that there are now many problems in the Arab world; and is in dangerous situation Is this true?

Actually, Nowhere in the world is free from danger. The Moroccans are very hospitable and Morocco is a relatively quiet place, with a system its top priority is the safety of tourists to protect the tourism industry.

All you have to do, It is to follow the basic advice on any trip you make.

2. Where I can find more information about the Association and ongoing projects?

You can find more information in the section: "Volunteering" our website. We also encourage you to search through our e-mail, or via our Facebook page.