Conditions Required


Being flexible means being willing to understand difficult situations and change the original plan or program if necessary.

Able to adapt

Having the ability to adapt to new situations and sometimes work with several communities with different objectives and ways of organizing.


Be willing to learn and teach. The volunteer must not only aim to share knowledge and help, but also receive.

Volunteers have many questions, They want to learn how, than, when, Who, where and why. "Learning by teaching" It is one of the most memorable experiences that volunteering can have.

When you decide that you join our association, remember these three words. Certainly they will help you adapt faster to culture, programs and projects.


Before his arrival the volunteer must:

  • Note that it included in the fee is all indicated in paragraph "What's the cost?".
  • Read the history and traditions largest in the country you are visiting.
  • Having your own travel insurance.
  • Note that are responsible for washing dishes and keep clean their spaces, his clothes, etc.
  • Remember that every culture is unique and its customs and traditions must be respected.
  • Promote teamwork and communication.
  • Understanding that education or training does not give you the right to criticize or judge another culture.
  • Having open and cooperative attitude towards the signs of the association.
  • Understand that volunteering is a gift and a privilege.
  • Enjoy every day of experience.