Our goals and values

Our objectives

  • Promote social volunteer non-profit.
  • Provide an integral formation of the person (with special emphasis on youth), promoting values ​​of solidarity, responsibility, justice and peace work from the commitment to the neighborhood, the city and international coexistence.
  • Integrating people with disabilities in their social environment.
  • Help improve the quality of life of those who need it.
  • Develop numerous programs to improve the quality of life of children unprotected.
  • Create a cooperating world to address common challenges.
  • Promote cultural integration, social and academic between volunteers from different countries.

To fulfill its aims, the organization may:

  • Perform specific volunteer activities with vulnerable, technical visits, integration talks with civil society organizations and volunteers.
  • Manage the space required for the realization of voluntary activities of foreigners in Morocco, mainly in Azrou.
  • Organize training, lectures and debates on volunteering, and meetings with specialists.
  • Concrete actions for the development of cultural and artistic activities.
  • Create opportunities for people involved in the programs learn new ways of participation and can project staff and community.

Our values

  • COMMITMENT: train and develop human capital to the best of each person.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: It is in the consciousness of our team, allowing you to reflect, manage, guide and assess the consequences of their actions, always at the level of morality.
  • SOLIDARITY: it is a virtue contrary to individualism and selfishness. Because, we intend to respond favorably to the needs of our group, our neighbor and establish a form of behavior that is realized in action.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: foster among us the courage and determination to face the fear and move on, whatever happens.
  • HONESTY: fulfill our commitment and agreements, with integrity in our philosophy; not disappoint anyone.
  • MUTUAL TRUST: is the basis of work in projects involving the existence of groups of different cultures, hence one of the pillars of a culture of peace and coexistence, is the trust that must exist between the coordinator and volunteer, and allow us, on the basis of dialogue, resolve potential contradictions.
  • CREATIVITY: have a playful sense of life and creativity help. Nothing is impossible for a creative mind.